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pet stains & odor elimination

The track your pets leave in your home

It’s no secret, to families with four-legged members, that these furry friends can cause lots of incidents on couches as well as carpets.

Dog and cat fur is something that has to be taken care of. Removing stains and fur becomes such a repetitive task that it leaves its owners out of breath.


do noT let your pet
leave tracks

Maybe we have not even realized that the biggest problem is not to get rid of a terrible mud stain after a walk in the park.

The problem is much greater when we are aware that the traffic that is generated day after day, and that seems harmless, after the usual walks, may leave traces of urine and dirt that’s harmful to our health.

Pet urine is a strong contaminant that requires specialized cleaning in order to break the unique molecular chain it’s made of.

it is possible

you can have carpets
and pets

These furry friends are the darlings of our homes, and our carpets are their ideal place. The rugs and carpets are their warm space, especially for cold days. For your peace of mind we can show you how to have a pet and a clean carpet at the same time.

maintenance tips

how to remove STAINS of your pets?

Yellow marks on the carpet

If a urine stain remains on the carpet for too long without being washed properly, it can cause a permanent yellow stain that cannot be removed.

We have significant experience in successfully cleaning and treating these stains.

How to clean a pet stain on your own?

The first thing we recommend is, immediately after noticing the stain, place a slightly damp cloth on it and try to soak up as much as possible. Repeat the process a few times.

Then, some vinegar mixed with water can be used to remove some of the odor. Difficulties may arise in rinsing this mixture out without leaving a residue.

Due to lack of professional equipment and not having the option to rinse it off, we strongly recommend calling us to give you a hand.

Before After

CALL US To eliminate PET tracks

Put off cleaning: The easiest solution is to ignore the situation as much as possible, but the longer the dirt remains on the carpets, the more difficult it will be to remove it completely. Also, inviting friends over can cause an awkward situation.

Clean up for yourself: This is a cheap solution, but after investing your time and effort you may not see the expected results. Then you will have to continue hiding those unpleasant stains that affect the health and aesthetics of your home.

Call us: Yes, it means giving us a call every four or six months. But professional cleaning of your upholstery and carpets will guarantee your free time, proven and guaranteed optimal results and the peace of mind of not using toxic products that affect your pets.


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Moved in to a new house in Alpharetta and I wanted to get my carpet cleaned. I’ve had many spots and stains on the carpet and I got the Deep Carpet Cleaning by this company and I can’t be more happier with the results😃 Very recommended
This service was the best carpet cleaning I have had in years. The gentleman Gal was so very nice and very professional. This carpet is very light and gets dirt fast and I haven’t had it cleaned since last year. I am a very critical person but when I when I tell you I had no criticism about this service I mean it. Excellent Excellent job. Thank you Gal well worth every penny and more. Will be calling you again before Christmas.
I’ve had Go Carpet Cleaning to clean my carpets in Stone Mountain. Gal worked for about 5 hours to restore the carpets in my house, he cleaned 3 rooms, a hallway and a staircase, he managed to remove a bunch of red stains, a lot of stains of all kinds and traffic patterns. He was 100% dedicated to the job and reached beyond my expectations. We’ve had a great conversation, he gave me a lot of wisdom. Kudos Gal! Keep up with the good work! Very recommended!
Do not blame your pet

Accidents happen.
Do not let your pet make you work harder!

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